How Hotel Phone Systems

Most hotels deal with the high cost of maintaining outdated phones and telephony systems. Despite decreased guest usage of in-room phones, hotels must still offer reliable emergency calling options with high sound quality and location information to ensure guest safety in each hotel room.

New Rock Technologies offers a reliable, cloud PBX service at a fraction of the price of traditional solutions. Phone options are available to fit the needs of each hotel room and administrative Hotel Phone Systems?

Upgrade to Up Your Business

Streamlined communications is imperative for improving customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry. This can be achieved by switching from traditional phone systems to cloud-based or digital ones. Some of the most common types beneficial in today's hospitality industry are cloud-based PBX systems, CCaaS, and UCaaS phone systems.

Reduced overheads

Cloud-based PBX solution with monthly fee structure is a cost-effective replacement for legacy analog solutions that are increasingly expensive to support.

Increased operational efficiencies

Capabilities include voicemail, call forwarding, emergency-call notification and conference calling.

Improved guest telephony services

Standard hospitality features such as internal calls, voicemail, room-to-room calls and more are provided.

Angie Hospitality option available

Angie voice-enabled guest room assistant phone options also available.

New Rock Technologies offers patented voice and touchscreen capabilities in their purpose-built solutions for the hotel environment. This includes the world’s first 24-hour interactive guest room assistant, mobile app, casting, and PBX solutions for hoteliers looking to increase guest satisfaction, improve staff efficiencies and maximize revenue opportunities. For more information, contact us at or leave an online message.

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