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Hotels know that the technologies they choose greatly effect guest experience, can distinguish themselves from other hotels, and ultimately determine the success of their business. Guests are engaging with YOUR hospitality business more than ever before. Whether your guests are calling down for a late-night snack, hosting an important video conference, or calling home to check in, your guests’ phone calls are incredibly important.

Telephone Systems for Hotels

In a hotel environment; communication between the customer and reception staff is essential, especially as each hotel room comes with a telephone as standard.

A good telephone system, which is installed in a hotel, can help with the demands of customers calling from room to room

Why do hotels need an effective telephone system?

Cross-departmental communication – Customers to clerical staff, clerical staff to other hotel staff. These phone lines should not be mixed and will require a more complex system than a standard telephone system.

Safeguarding – Call recording and call tracking is important for staff and customer protection. With data being able to be transferred to authorities to access and take further action if needed.

Simplicity – Different handsets with different levels of complexity; e.g. handsets in hotel rooms should be very simple so customers can use them easily, whereas reception/clerical handsets should have more advanced features and be more complex overall.

New Rock customized hospitality solutions are designed to help you with your technology requirements, as well as handle your guests needs with the respect they deserve. By combining beautifully designed solutions, unparalleled clarity and ease of use with exceptional customer service, New Rock provides comprehensive technology solutions that pave the way for increased revenue, exceptional customer satisfaction, and supportive branding for your organization.

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