How Can VoIP Help Hotels Cut Cost

Choosing the right hotel phone system can prove to be a key factor in improving efficiency, profitability and quality of customer service. Like other businesses, such as call centres, hotels need robust, high-quality phone systems that are reliable, scalable and cost effective, but they also require features and functionality unique to the hospitality industry.

How Much Does VoIP for a Hotel Cost When Compared to a Traditional Phone System?

VoIP solutions cost less because they use your existing internet connection to make and receive calls.

When compared to an old fashioned telephone system, VoIP is much more simplistic and can help you save big. In fact, switching to VoIP can help you save up to 70% on your monthly phone bill! Here are some other cost advantages of using VoIP in a hotel:

Whether the hotel is an international chain or an independent local business, using VoIP can improve workforce mobility and productivity while reducing operational costs.

Unlike a public switched telephone network (PSTN) that uses copper wiring to transmit analog voice data, VoIP can help to lessen monthly phone bills because the system runs on a single IP network. By utilizing the existing network for voice and data transmission, hoteliers can reduce infrastructure costs because they don’t have to use a traditional phone line to make calls.

Aside from this, VoIP can also help hoteliers save up on equipment and maintenance costs because the hosted VoIP service provider will be the one responsible for maintaining the infrastructure in the cloud. Because of this, hotel administrators will no longer need to hire a dedicated IT staff or personnel, thereby cutting service costs.

Through the bring your own device solution, hotel managers and staff members can make use of their personal phones, laptops, and other mobile devices when making calls or sending messages. Using the hotel’s virtual private network (VPN), hoteliers can improve workforce mobility because employees can make use of their mobile devices to work on their tasks, answer inquiries from guests, and communicate with their supervisors or managers when they are on the go.

Additionally, international and long distance call charges will be reduced because VoIP calls are Internet-based. And through virtual numbers, also known as access number or direct inward dialing (DID), VoIP calling can allow hotel administrators and staff members to make international or long distance calls for a fraction of a cost. By providing hoteliers with a telephone number that is not associated with their physical location (the number can be set to any country or area code), callers incur only local call charges while the calls are forwarded to the real phone number through VoIP.

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