Legacy 30B+D Equipment Access to IMS Solution

Solution Background

With the rapid deployment of fiber access, telecom operators in many countries have actively promoted the stop of POTS plain old telephone system and migrating users on traditional POTS (including 30B+D lines) to the IMS platform.

In the trend of the 30B+D network migration, existing traditional telephone exchanges (such as NEC, and Siemens) can only connect to the carrier IMS platform through SIP trunking. These systems, which have been in use for 5 to 10 years or more, typically only support ISDN 30B+D interfaces. Additionally, when enterprise users apply for external lines for expansion, more and more operators will only provide SIP trunking resources.

For telecom operators, ITSPs, and system integrators, this is a major challenge, but also an opportunity to smoothly transition office telephony systems towards IP-based unified communications.

OM1000-TE(1-4E1)-New Rock Technologies, Inc.
Supporting 1/2/4 E1/T1 interfaces, max 120 concurrent calls,512 SIP trunk account registrations, dual power supply, dual network interface redundancy, and other features, can provide high-quality solutions for 30B+D equipment accessing carrier IMS platforms.

Solution Description

Place the New Rock OM1000-TE digital trunk gateway in the old 30B+D telephone system to convert the 30B+D protocol to SIP trunking.

The gateway's E1/T1 interface connects to the enterprise telephone system, and the network port connects to the local area network router.

The telecom operator will transfer the telephone numbers from the original PSTN network to the IMS platform. Incoming calls will be transmitted from the IMS platform to the enterprise LAN through the IP network and restored to 30B+D signals by the digital trunk gateway, then forwarded to the enterprise telephone system.

Solution Advantage


Supports 512 SIP registered accounts and can simultaneously connect multiple 30B+D telephone systems.


Supports automatic reconnection of 30B+D.

High Performance

Supports full concurrency under various voice codecs.

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