HOTEL------ Hotel VoIP solution case study

New Rock Hotel Solution Case Study

With OM series IP PBX as the core component,New Rock provides featured unified communication solutions for various kinds of hotels.

  New Rock provides featured unified communication solutions

  Middle Size Hotel------Equipment Upgrade Transform from Traditional PBX to VoIP

  Customer Background

  An independent middle-sized hotel located in Anhui province,China,with 80 rooms on multi-floors, the customer's old PBX system is old and lacks efficiency.

  1.Deployed an OM80E IP PBX,and MX Gateway, and IP phones for system upgrade

  2.Provide multi-level, multi-lingual, customerized voice welcome message to enhance the hotel brand image and improve customer experience.

  3.Provide integrated hotel voice communication functions such as wake-up call,call recording,and billing.

  4.Support access to IMS and realize the fiber-optic transformation

  5.Fully utilize original hotel telephone equipments and protect hotel'permanent assets

  Customer Value

  Utilize customers old analog phones,saving investment cost

  Reduced telephone communication cost

  Improve the hotel communication efficiency

  OM 80E could use for max 216 extensions,easy for the hotel’s future expansion and multi-site networking.

  Equipment Upgrade Transform from Traditional PBX to VoIP

  Upscale Hotel------ONU for telephone and IPTV

  Customer Background

  Wyndham is world-class hotel group, one of its hotel has 200 rooms in one building in Shanghai, hotel management team want to build a unified hotel room internet to improve customer experience and improve brand image.

  1.Deployed OM200G IP PBX  and high-end color screen IP phones

  2.Deployed one ONU for services such as wireless/wired Internet access, telephone voice, IPTV, video surveillance, guest room control, etc.

  3.ONU registers to New Rock OM IP-PBX through the hotel LAN and connects to the analog telephone to allow the room phone perfectly functioned.

  4.Provides PMSI to interface with the hotel PMS to achieve rich hotel business management functions.

  Customer Value

  Easy wiring and maintenance

  Unified management fast deployment helps the hotel run smoothly during the system upgrade

  Chain hotel------Multi-site networking

  Customer Background

  Hotel A locates in Yunnan Province in China.It is a leisure resort hotel built with a high standard of service, it has multi buildings A,B,C,D, and gardens A and B.824 guest rooms, catering, entertainment area, conference center, and other facilities are built separately covered about 3000-acres.The hotel was awarded the"Top 10 Theme Hotels in China 2015".

  In order to facilitate the management,the hotel wanted to centralize all communication equipment in the head building,with office phones and hotel room phones integrated with one system.However,the office building and the six hotels are tens to hundreds of meters apart.

  1.Connect the office building and the hotel with economical wiring and construction,realize distributed deployment and integrated telephone system

  2.Docking with the hotel management system to provide hotel-specific telephone services,such as automatic wake-up call,no-disturbance,etc.

  3.Ensure the reliability,stability,and clarity of hotel and office building telephones under various network conditions

  4.The scale of the hotel will continue to expand,the telephone system needs to have good scalability

  Customer Value

  New Rock hotel unified communication solution adopts TDM and IP hybrid networking to simplify hotel VoIP deployment;meanwhile,it provides an open and converged voice platform to deeply integrate hotel services and enhance hotel collaboration capability.

  New Rock Hotel Telephone case study

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