How to connect hotel PMS with New Rock OM IP PBX?

  New Rock PMSI is a middleware that interfacing OM IP-PBX(OM for short)with a third-party hotel management system(PMS)to achieve information interaction between OM and PMS.

  When PMSI receives configuration instructions from hotel PMS,it can convert the information and send it to OM API interface for voice function setting, such as wake-up call service ,extension permission, do not disturb mode, display caller name on extension,etc. After the configuration,it can send the setting results back to PMS.

  How to connect hotel PMS with New Rock OM IP PBX

  New Rock PMSI Features

  -Support docking with 3rd party PMS:Oracle,etc.

  -Receive call information from OM API interface and send it to PMS after conversion

  -Multiple OM IP-PBX can be connected to one set of PMS

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