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“Thank you for calling New Rock. Press 1 for service inquiries. Press 2 for technical support...” You always hear such loud and clear audio greeting when dialing +86 21-61202700. This function reduces labor costs and unnecessary call pickups, and improves the accuracy of identifying the desired customer service agents.

How is this audio menu set up?
Some suggest a call center system, which is not economically viable due to its functional diversity. Additionally, common enterprises will not afford this system due to certain unnecessary functions.
Others recommend the interactive voice response system or module, which can be either included or connected to the traditional PBX, but this costly solution will require installation by IT officers.

Is there any cost-effective but simple solution available?
The New Rock OM telephone system (IP-PBX) provides a switchboard that supports multilevel audio menus without any call center or external hardware.

How many levels of audio menus are supported?
New Rock OM series product (IP-PBX) supports unlimited levels of audio menus, depending on setting requirements.
Our OM series product includes OM20G, OM50G, OM80E, OM200G, OM500 and OM8000.

Is the multilingual audio navigation available?
Yes. OM20G and OM50G both support 16GB internal storage which is sufficient to store multilingual audio files, rendering tremendous support to foreign trading companies or multinational corporations.

Is it flexible to configure the audio menus?
Details at each level of audio menus are configurable on the webpage:
-  Configure key settings (IVR, extension, call extension group, switchboard or hang-up)
-  Customize processing rules for no-dialing timeout or dialing errors
-  Select the corresponding audio files

Are multilevel audio menus available for different time slots and routes?
Multilevel audio menus vary from business hours to non-business hours.
Multilevel audio menus on different trunks vary as well or all incoming calls use the same menu.

Multilevel audio menus are more convenient, friendly and efficient for inbound calls, further enhancing the corporate image. If your corporate image and services are expected to impress your customers immediately, this solution will redefine audio menus.

New Rock OM telephone system (IP-PBX) converts texts into audio greetings, which can be synthesized, uploaded and played via our one-stop solution.

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