New Rock IP PBX for Campus Intercom System

Solution Background
To address the real-time communication needs of multiple terminals on the campus, New Rock provides customers with an efficient and easy-to-deploy unified communication intercom platform for the campus. The VoIP-based solution supports connecting with multiple terminals supporting standard SIP protocols, and carrier-grade reliability guarantees high-definition voice call quality, and a simple system architecture, that enables five-party voice calls.
Solution Features
Voice Intercom
Connects to in-field, SIP, or analog terminals for one-way or two-way voice intercom
RMS Call Recording
Allows recording of calls
Call Communication
Call any IP extension or analog terminal
Unified Broadcast
IP PBX broadcast function that allows the monitoring center to broadcast to all entrance and exit broadcast terminals
Group Broadcasting
The monitoring center can freely combine the exit and entrance terminals and broadcast program the group broadcast
Point-to-point Broadcasting
The monitoring center can set up point-to-point broadcasts.
Emergency Broadcast
In case of an emergency, the control center can make an emergency broadcast, notifying all or part of the relevant broadcast points.
Emergency Failover
The FXO gateway comes with an escape function, when the FXS port gateway fails, the FXO port gateway will carry the escape function to ensure the availability of calls in lifts and other places

Customer benefit
Easy to Deploy
The solution uses a modular deployment and a layered architecture
Docking of Multiple Terminals
All call boxes, access control, and door phone, with analog or VoIP interfaces can be connected to OM IP PBX, supporting multiple brands of SIP terminals, such as Flying voice, Fanvil, Viking
Comprehensive Schedule capabilities
The IP Intercom Broadcast System provides not only simple intercom capabilities, but also a wealth of scheduling functions.
Free of Restrictions
No restrictions on personnel, equipment, or locations.
Scalable and Easy Expansion

Multiple terminals can be controlled, seamlessly moving from small to large scale, and expansion can be achieved by simply adding the appropriate terminals without the need for major changes to the original system. The addition of intercom equipment to the site can be smoothly accomplished.

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