Build SMB hybrid office with zero disruption

  Hello hybrid workers,

  Are you considering changing your office into a hybrid-friendly environment,with meeting,instant messaging,call functions together?

  Don't need to worry about complicated IP PBX and software setup,let us handle the heavy work.

  New Rock now provides an SMB hybrid office bundle,with only 3 steps to set up a brand new office communication and collaboration system.


  Customers from Original Team Users:Compare to the direct routing,NewLync+OM IP PBX provide us a more easy way to realize unified communication with the call,meeting,and collaborate features.With plug-and-play instruction,we deployed the system for our 50 member team within a few hours.

  Customers from Original Webex Users:We migrate from Webex to NL,cause of the much lower price,and flexible pricing model.We can easily expand and upgrade with keeping the legacy phones.

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