All In One Bundle UC Solution For SMB

All In One Bundle UC Solution For SMB

For SMBs,low costs and easy mobility are a principal consideration when choosing a enterprise collaborate and communication system,NewLync+OM IP PBX plug and play solution might one of the easiest option,that enable SMBs to migrate to efficient collaborate system which do not require them have to have a IT expertise in the house.


  Customers from Original Team Users:

Compare to the direct routing, NewLync+OM IP PBX provide us a more easy way to realize unified communication with the call, meeting, and collaborate features.With plug-and-play instruction, we deployed the system for our 50 member team within a few hours.

  Customers from Original Webex Users:

  We migrate from Webex to NL,cause of the much lower price,and flexible pricing model.We can easily expand and upgrade with keeping the legacy phones.

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