New Rock build a New VoIP phone system for Shanghai Planetarium

  Shanghai Planetarium,located in Shanghai Pudong New Area,integrates education,research,display and interactive functions,with a building area of nearly 38,000 square meters,making it the largest planetarium in the world.


  -Interoperability of old and new systems and protection of original assets

  As a branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum,the voice system of the Shanghai Planetarium needs to be interconnected with the original program-controlled switchboard of the headquarters.

  -External customer service calls need to be recorded for inquiry

  As an exhibition hall open to the public,it needs to record the consultation service calls(about 100 calls on weekdays and more than 300 at peak)to avoid unnecessary disputes.


  Knowing that the voice system of Shanghai Planetarium needs to be connected to multiple external lines of the headquarters and operators,and needs to be recorded and stored at the same time,Timeless customized the following solution for it.

  Server Room

  -Deploy a set of IP-PBX to meet the needs of the planetarium office area and customer service calls.

  -Deploy a digital trunk gateway to interface with the original program control.

  -Deploy a set of recording management system to meet the demand of call recording.

  Office Area

  -IP phones are unified and registered to IP-PBX through a dedicated network to realize unified communication of telephone network.

  Customer Benefits

  Highly reliable voice communication guarantee

  New Rock IP-PBX supports 99.999%telecom grade reliability with smooth and clear calls.Based on carrier-grade professional hardware platform,advanced technologies such as dual-computer hot standby(main/standby switching time<5 seconds),dual power supplies,dual network port redundancy,dynamic load balancing,etc.guarantee"0"voice interruption.

  Protect the original assets and save costs by maximizing the use of old assets

  The new voice system of the planetarium is connected with the original program-controlled switch through digital relay to realize the interconnection of the old and new systems and protect the original assets to save costs.

  Professional recording management system with high concurrency and high reliability

  Timeless recording management system supports 300 sites and 600-way recording in real time;supports 9 dimensions of recording query and multi-authority multi-role management,provides professional and detailed data reports,and can carry out professional and refined management of recording.When disputes arise from external customer service calls,the corresponding recordings can be quickly found and extracted to improve the overall service quality.

  For more information about the solution or technical details,please callNewRock global pre-sale team global,or leave us a message.

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