Introduction to the features of Cloud PBX

  The features of Cloud PBX can be summarized as follows:

  Based on cloud computing architecture: Cloud PBX utilizes VoIP Internet technology and cloud computing architecture (including cloud host servers, cloud virtual machines, etc.) to provide businesses with telephone switchboard services. This means that all the services, features and functions of the phone system can be accessed over the Internet without relying on complex technology, cables and switches on site.

  Versatility: Cloud PBX supports multiple communication methods, including SIP, PSTN, E1 with cellular card extensions. In addition, it is equipped with a dedicated PC-based/mobile softphone (e.g. Linkus), enabling users to make and receive calls anytime, anywhere.

  Low Cost & High Efficiency: Cloud PBX is characterized by low cost, fast deployment and easy management, which can provide efficient and flexible integrated communication solutions for different types of customers, such as startup teams, chain enterprises and multinational companies.

  Powerful Functional Support:

  Automatic attendant (IVR): supports up to 500-way automatic attendant, supports user-defined prompt tone and key settings, and can flexibly set up multiple types and levels of automatic attendants according to different time periods.

  Call Recording: Default 500-minute recording storage space (expandable), supports automatic recording of calls to extensions, outside lines and conference rooms.

  Conference Calls: Supports the creation of up to 32 conference rooms, each supporting up to 16-party conference calls, providing a visual conference control panel for conference initiation, monitoring and management.

  Call Queuing: A small call center can be set up to track the status of seats in real time and generate an effective seat queue, and then direct incoming calls to the most appropriate seat according to the algorithm.

  Multiple extension: The same extension number can be registered to up to 4 SIP terminals at the same time, all the terminals will ring at the same time when an incoming call comes in, and the user can pick up the call from any terminal.

  Time Conditional Routing: Supports setting time conditions and automatically switches the inbound routing according to the set time to ensure that incoming calls can be handled appropriately even during non-office hours.

  Flexibility and Convenience: Cloud PBX is not restricted by fixed devices, as long as there is a data network or Wi-Fi, cloud communication can be realized. It supports a variety of devices such as cell phones, computers, landlines, etc., which is suitable for business scenarios such as SOHO office, business travel, and multi-point office. In addition, Cloud PBX also provides remote opening and processing services, which is easy and convenient to operate.

  Enhance corporate image and protect privacy: Cloud PBX uniformly displays the switchboard number, which helps to enhance corporate image and protect personal privacy at the same time. Its powerful recording function and one-key callback function also make every outbound call easier and higher quality.

  To summarize, cloud PBX has become the preferred communication solution for more and more enterprises due to its cloud-based architecture, multi-functionality, low-cost efficiency, powerful feature support, flexibility and convenience, as well as the protection of corporate image and privacy.

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