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With the boom of mobile internet and smart mobile terminals, more and more companies are doing mobile office. Data shows that 82% of employees will use their smartphones for work purposes.In terms of voice communication, the ubiquitous mobile network and on-the-go smartphones also bring convenience to enterprise daily communication. There are problems still troubling the enterprises.
- Out of the field can not answer the office landline phone calls
- Unable to supervise field staff's office phone usage
By connecting the cell phone softphone app (Android/Apple version) to the enterprise's internal OM series IP PBX, the cell phone can be turned into a mobile extension for employees to receive incoming calls from office extensions at anytime, anywhere (displaying the calling number), dial with other extensions for free, and reflect the company's unified image through outbound calls using the company's phone line. Managers can view the call records and call recordings of each mobile extension to meet regulatory requirements.
Incoming calls are not missed
- 7 × 24 hours intelligent IVR: support personalized caller welcome word and multi-level voice navigation (IVR), accurate allocation of incoming calls
- One number with two extensions: cell phone feeding and desktop phone share one extension number, incoming calls ring at the same time, any terminal can answer the incoming phone call
- Standby answering: the phone can automatically wake up when the phone is off the screen (the phone needs to open the relevant permission)
Efficient telephone communication
- Built-in enterprise contact book, extensions dial each other for free
- Support call forwarding, 10-party conference call
- Outgoing calls show company official business number
- All incoming calls display the caller number
Field call management
- Call recording: recordings are stored in OM series IP PBX or external server; can be played through computer query
- Recording transcription to text: improve the efficiency of quality control

- Statistical analysis: managers can view each phone record in real time and support exporting all records for statistical analysis

Solution Composition
New Rock mobile extension solution is an intelligent communication solution for enterprise field or travelers with OM series IP PBX as the core hardware and the NewLync UC app.
* Phone lines can be used with the existing ones of the enterprise (keep the original phone number, no need to change the number), or can re-apply to the operator if needed.
* NewLync mobile softphone function must be used with OM series IP PBX, otherwise NewLync can only have the meeting and Innstant message function.
NewLync for Mobile Softphone

With OM series IP PBX, employees' cell phones can be turned into portable mobile extensions, which can realize the functions of one number and two extensions, standby answering, extension dialing, call forwarding, enterprise contact  book, 10-party conference call, call records, etc.

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