Softphone Vs. Deskphone: Which Is Better For The Organization?

Softphone for a more Flexible Organization

Customer background
Many organizations have switched from a conventional PABX to a cloud or on-premise VoIP phone system, which is a smart choice with all the advantages listed below:

  1. Year-over-year cost savings
  2. Multi-features such as voicemail, 24/7 auto attendant, call transfer, call recording, and more
  3. Scale to a larger size
  4. Remote management and maintenance, save on the labor cost
  5. Reliability and disaster recovery ability
  6. Use softphone app for mobile working

Besides the New Rock popular VoIP solutions, let's take a closer look at the NewLync softphone vs. a deskphone.
NewLync softphone is extremely flexible because users can make or receive calls from virtually anywhere, as long as they have access to the internet. The even better part is the outgoing calls made through NewLync app show the organization's phone number — not the staff's private number. This feature is not just important for privacy, also it presents a more polished, professional brand image.
Desktop phones need to plug in a certain location to utilize.
The softphone is remarkably cost-effective. Using NewLync softphone app enables organizations to leverage their investment in mobile devices, and/or have staff use their personal devices
Deskphone's prices are from basic to advanced models. Organizations normally have to invest in the initial purchase.
The NewLync softphone has many wonderful features
Make and receive business calls from anywhere anytime
Connect with team members through instant messaging and group chat.
View and manage call history.
Search contacts, etc.
Max 400 party video and audio meetings
Deskphones also have advanced features which depend on their price and level.
Easy to Use

Both the NewLync softphone and desk phone are easy to use, and staff can set up and run within minutes — including those who may have less experience on digital devices.

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