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Newlync is a digital collaboration platform for enterprises that provides users with one-stop collaboration and communication. NewLync is dedicated to creating a new, safer, and more efficient way of communication for enterprises and helping them realize the digital transformation of collaboration and communication. The core exchange platform is interconnected with the NewLync platform through New Rock private protocol, realizing multi-level enterprise contact book, internal calls, outbound calls, mobile extensions, group instant messaging, file transfer, audio and video conferencing, and other functions, enhancing the office efficiency of enterprise employees and empowering enterprise communication.
Mobile extensions for the remote working
One number, with multiple extensions - Users can receive the calls directly from any extension, and won't miss any important calls.
Mobile extensions - support quickly initiate calls from phone app or desktop app
NewLync account can be set as an extension number to facilitate mobile and home office in the "post-epidemic era"
Audio & Video Conference for the team communication

  1. Anywhere and anytime - Whether in the office, at home, or on the go, access the network and enjoy your meetings
  2. Use any platform - whether it's Android, iOS, macOS or Windows, simply meet the minimum version requirements and access the network to enjoy the meeting
  3. Use any device - not only smart devices but also traditional desktop phones can be connected to secure meeting rooms to enjoy meetings
  4. Support sharing of screens, application windows, or presentations on screen.

Instant message for team collaboration

  1. Text - Editable formatted text input box for clear organization and efficient communication
  2. Voice messages
  3. Read receipts - Read and unread messages status
  4. Ping - Ping important messages, as easy as tapping your colleagues around you
  5. Documents - Send pictures, videos, and documents

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