Automatic Management & Configuration

- Is it time consuming to install and modify configuration parameters on site and worry about account password leakage?
- Do you need to log in to the web interface of the device every time you change parameters or upgrade software remotely?

- Do you need to redo the data every time you change the device?

The shortcut to eliminating these pains is to let the device do the configuration itself. The administrator prepares the configuration file for the device and places it on the storage server according to certain rules. When the device is connected to the Internet, it follows a certain policy and automatically finds the server where the configuration file is placed, downloads the configuration and automatically completes the refresh.

In this way, the device is not only plug-and-play during installation, but also enables batch parameter modification or software upgrade during maintenance, significantly reducing O&M costs and improving efficiency.

Customer value

Fast: on-site installation, remote maintenance and batch configuration of devices is significantly faster and more accurate
Secure: no need to expose device account passwords, high security
Reduced manual effort: automated configuration reduces duplication of manual effort

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