MX60E VoIP Gateway Application in Military

In many countries, we are seeing the following trends: analog or digital PBX are being phased out by VoIP technology; telecom service providers are extending their voice networks via the internet and migrating their legacy voice infrastructure, PABX, digital PBX and analog phones to VoIP.

In the overseas markets, we cooperate with distributors to provide solutions for this migration and change with New Rock MX series analog gateways and digital gateways OM 1000-TE.

In more than 10 regions in the Middle East, the New Rock MX60E and MX120G gateways and OM1000-TE digital trunk gateways are working steadily in customers’ server rooms, providing voice service for more than 4000 extensions.

MX60E VoIP Gateway Application

During the harsh environment, in which winters are mild and rainy, and summers are hot and dry, New Rock products adapt very well to extreme conditions. Whether in 50-degree Celsius heat, on a mountain at high altitude, or on a warship in the deep sea, the New Rock gateways have operated bravely and steadily for over a year without the high-frequency failures of traditional PBX.

This feature is especially valuable for military projects. Normally the trial inspection period for military projects is as long as 1 year. Only after passing the severe test is it put into service on a large scale.

Like the brave people in extreme environments, New Rock products successfully overcome the harsh environment with high heat and cold resistance, with good grounding, surge protection, over-voltage protection, etc. It has provided the military VoIP project with new communication power.


  1. In disaster recovery and disconnection escape, in the event of IP network failure, voice communication can still be used normally to meet the projects' high-reliability demand for voice requirements.
  2. Auto-provisioning and UMS, which enables centralized management of devices distributed in multiple locations.
  3. The user-friendly web page that allows for intuitive management and configuration.
The rugged, efficient, stable solution.

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