Emergency Failover With MX series FXO Gateway

Solution Background
Building call boxes as analog terminals for emergency calls in the elevator. When the VoIP gateway disconnects from the SIP server, in case the internet is disconnected, or the SIP server is faulting, needs to use the call box to make outbound calls and realize emergency failover.

Providing a high reliable environment for users in the elevator, whenever an emergency happens, they are still able to make calls through the call box to connect to the building management and get help.

Function Definition
Use multiple FXS or FXO gateway to provide customers with the failover function.

When the FXS port and SIP server are disconnected, the call is automatically sent to the FXO PSTN line for outbound calls, providing a high-reliability guarantee for the customer's voice communication in the building elevator.

1. The new FXO gateway 2 registers to the SIP server through the Internet, and the call box connects to the FXO gateway 2 through the analog phone line.

2. The two FXO gateways in the same local network.

3. Using the active-standby function of the FXO gateway 2, when the SIP server is not accessible, the calls will be sent to the FXO gateway 1 connected to PSTN.

Solution Value Proposition
Cost Saving
Help migrate legacy building call box to the cloud and save cost on PSTN connectivity
Wiring Free
Preserve existing wiring and call box, compatible with most call box models

Time Saving

Unified call hang up mechanism across different call box brands

Easy to use

Simple, scalable and secure for installation, configuration and operation

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