MX VoIP Gateway Classic Hotel Application

Solution Background

Whether a hotel adopted analog or digital PABX, now the carriers have gradually stopped providing PRI(Primary Rate Interface), the hotel needs access to the new IMS (IP multimedia subsystem), which unifies access to broadband/narrowband and fixed/wireless networks.

How to fully utilize the legacy analog phone when migrating to the VoIP system?

MX VoIP gateway is designed to turn the analog signal into IP signal.

Classic Requirement

1. Keep the legacy lines, no re-wiring

2. Connect to the cloud/hosted/On-premise PBX

3. High voltage lighting, broadcast, and other hotel communication features

Case Study---UAE 200-Room Hotel

A Hotel in UAE has 160 guest rooms and suites, on a 5-floor building, plus the hotel reception, offices, and other places, they have nearly 200 set analog phones.
The hotel is renovating the information system, they hope to migrate to an IP PBX system, and connect to the IMS. At the same time, they want to keep using analog phones.

New Rock Solution

Deploy 4 MX60E VoIP gateway in the hotel server room, each has 48 FXS ports connecting the legacy analog PABX and registering to the new IP PBX system.No rewiring, and no complicated setup.

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