Hotel VoIP Solution Trend------Virtual Reception powered by AI

Based on the combination of AI technology and hotel PMS, New Rock hotel solution can achieve an intelligent upgrade of hotel reception.
Replace hotel reception staff with artificial intelligence to make and answer calls more intelligently, with functions as complete reservation confirmation, check in/out and renewal reminders, fulfill guest needs and other consulting services, etc.

Hotel staff
1. About 100-200 calls per day, spending 3-5 hours on the call answering
2. Affected by emotion, body and front desk environment
3. Time-consuming statistics, confusing records, and poor immediacy of processing
4. Easy to affect the quality of on-site reception service and cause complaints
5. Salary commission, social security benefits, recruitment and training, etc.
Virtual reception
1. 0.5 hours to complete all phone calls to confirm & call back
2. No influence factors, always stable and standardized work
3. Comprehensive and immediate recording of information, automatic label processing
4. Reduce the pressure of front desk service and improve customer satisfaction

5. Robot rental cost, much lower than the cost of labor


Easy to install and use
Simply connect the hotel phone network
One click to turn on smart services
Suitable for mass rollout
Automatically free up manual work throughout the process
Automatically synchronize orders and make and receive calls
No human involvement
Really free up manpower
Intelligent processing in a sec
Multiple calls can be made and received simultaneously
Instantly complete business processing
Quickly generate results
Real-time searchable call records
Real-time recording of call contents
View recordings and text content at any time

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