Hotel VoIP Solution Feature------Combine Hotel Voice Data with Data Mining

Hotel industry is operating in an age of digital transformation, and new technologies are having a very real and exciting impact on the whole industry. It is important for hotel management team to see how to leverage technologies like UC&C and data mining to help provide better customer experience, and ultimately grow business and increase profitability.

New Rock hotel unified communication solution have featured recording function which not only could realize unified management of call recording but also could combine with data mining technology to help improve hotel operation efficiency. Especially for chain store hotel, by collecting and intelligently analyzing hotel voice data generated between hotel reception staff, concierge,catering department and customers, hotel could improve operation efficiency and provide better customer experience.

Solution feature---Recording management system

New Rock Recording Management System integrates the collection, storage, query playback and management of telephone recording files, realizing the centralized management of telephone recordings generated by New Rock OM series IP-PBX and MX series VoIP gateway, meeting the requirements of large and medium-sized enterprises or call centers for telephone recording.

- Query and playback: provide 9-dimension query, including number, time period, duration, department, label, rating, etc.; recording click playback, display the number of times played.
- Statistics and analysis: come with daily, monthly, annual and departmental reports, and also customizable reports, graphical display of phone recording data, and support for report export.
- Security and encryption: Encrypted storage of recording files, limiting playback to the management system and maximizing data security.
- Roles and permissions: Support custom system roles and give different permissions for different roles to achieve multi-level control.
- Monitoring and backup: Real-time monitoring of server status, recording operation traces, providing interface/email alarms, and multiple strategies to backup recordings.

Customer Value

Recorded Voice data could be used for 

  • 1.Quality control analysis
  • 2.Customer call intent analysis
  • 3.Marketing analysis

The introduction of voice quality inspection analysis solution converts the storage unstructured linguistic information into structured text index information, realizes rapid retrieval and knowledge mining of massive recording files. By analyzing the text, hotel managers can realize many new business methods such as rapid positioning of problematic recordings, analysis of the reasons for hot calls, analysis of repeated calls, analysis of customer complaints, analysis of extra-long calls, analysis of marketing problems, and optimization of conversation techniques, which can conveniently solve the problems of huge cost of customer service, low utilization rate, and loss of a large amount of valuable information.

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