What is IP-PBX?

IP-PBX is a new term in recent years, IP can be understood as Internet protocol (network), PBX of course is the abbreviation of "Private Branch eXchange", which means telephone exchange, the two together is the network telephone exchange.

What are the advantages of IP-PBX?

IP-PBX can combine the advantages of network and telephone exchange together, so that the signal of the exchange can also be transmitted to farther places through the network, which means that the field office and the local office can be combined into one office system. It allows colleagues from all over the world to be in one office.

IP-PBX can be highly integrated with other communication services, such as IP, call center, 400 numbers, customer service center. IP-PBX can also save phone expenses, and it can work with computers, so it is easier to debug and maintain and expand.

For example, your office extension in Beijing can easily and quickly call the telephone extensions in your office in Shanghai. It is a trend of telephone exchange development, a new generation of products.

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