IPPBX , IP Phone Exchange Benefits, It's Smarter than Traditional Switches

With the development of the network, the original traditional telephone extension system, telephone exchange, has also been upgraded and updated to IPPBX, which is more intelligent and better than the traditional telephone exchange, it integrates a series of functions, you can use 2G era cell phones, and now 5G or 4G cell phones to compare it, 2G time, your cell phone, that is Make a phone call, send a text message.

But 4G time, your phone can video, can send voice messages, can realize the positioning, now the telephone exchange, is also the era of intelligence, it can put you can think of the function, basically can be achieved.

1, compared to the traditional switchboard, IP telephone exchange, with a recording function, this function is relatively more practical, the traditional switchboard to record, but also add other equipment, and also jumper, which causes relatively more trouble, and maintenance costs are also high.

2, wiring, the original telephone exchange, each part of the machine, are required from the workstation, pulling the line to the room, now different, all voice information can be transmitted through the network, so that the network cable can also be used, and a network cable, does not mean that only one SIP telephone, theoretical year, there is no limit.

For example, there is a room, the original, it is not designed to office location, now need to office, according to the original traditional switch, but also wiring over, if there are 20-30 people, you have to pull so many phone lines from the server room over, now as long as there is a network cable can be used, a network cable, we connect a small network switch, you can achieve the network and telephone at the same time.

And also wireless, using WIFI to achieve, for example, the original janitorial room, no network cable and telephone lines left, but the janitorial location, you can search the company's WIFI network, then we put a WIFI telephone machine can be solved, convenient and fast and beautiful.

3、Cross-regional co-working.

Example; the head office in Shanghai, branch offices, in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, we can put an IPPBX in Shanghai, while in the Shanghai company, we apply for a fixed IP address, so that we can let these several branches of the telephone machine, directly registered to the server in Shanghai, through the Shanghai company's line call out, and external users call in, you can also directly find the person he is looking for, such as a colleague from the technical department, or a colleague from the business department.

This can also save international or domestic long-distance costs, such as the user's head office in Shanghai, the U.S. branch can be grouped with the Shanghai company, so that the extensions of the two places can use another company's outside line to call out, for example, colleagues in the Shanghai office to find U.S. customers, you can directly use the U.S. company's landline to call out, and, by the same token, colleagues in the U.S. company, you can also use the Shanghai phone to call domestic customers .

4、Intelligent application.

All extensions, the call records, can be saved in the server, as long as the server has enough capacity, then it is possible to save all the extensions call records in the server's hard disk all the time.

And the recording content can also be saved to the server, the device has its own memory, but only 16G, for large customers, we need to save the recordings in the server, so that our phone recordings can be saved in it for a longer period of time, and can be centralized server recording for other IPPBX in the branch.

Mobile APP, on your phone, download an APP that supports SIP protocol, it can be registered to the IPPBX, so your phone becomes part of the machine, on your phone, you can directly call colleagues, the same colleagues in the office, you can be directly transferred to find your phone.

5、Diverse application scenarios.

IPPBX, can serve the hotel, it can be connected with the hotel management system, so that the hotel can achieve some specific functions, such as timed wake-up calls, extensions real-time management.

It can be applied to scenarios such as highways, schools, hospitals; nursing homes, IPPBX, which can realize video calls, by installing SIP telephones with video functions, it can realize video intercommunication between telephones and cell phones, and telephones and telephones.

It can also be used for ships, so that VoIP calls can be made using the network and satellite, which can reduce communication costs.

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