“PSTN failover” - Strong Support for High-availability IP Audio Communications

Internet reliability for traditional telephone networks fails the Five Nines standard, being the 99.999% high availability throughout the year. Will the landline network collapse if accidents take place, including soft-switch breakdown, power outage or network disconnection, network congestion and accidentally unplugged power supply of IP audio devices?

No, it won’t.

It is common knowledge that New Rock VoIP devices provide both IP audio connections (such as IMS/NGN) and traditional telephone network interfaces (including FXO ports). In case of those accidents, VoIP devices switch the outbound calls from the IP network to the analog external lines, without affecting outbound calls.

In such an industrial disaster, switching outbound calls from the IP network to the traditional telephone network is vividly illustrated as an “escape”.
Here are the FAQs.
1.  Do all New Rock IP audio devices support PSTN failover?
Only devices with a hybrid of FXS and FXO ports support PSTN failover.

2.  What is the timeframe for the “failover”?
In most cases, it takes 3 seconds to switch the conversation to the FXO port without further delay in subsequent calls.

3.  Will outbound calls be automatically reverted to the IP network when network is restored?
The device will constantly monitor the IP network and revert to the IP network as soon as it is restored.

When customers have higher expectations on smooth conversations, this “escape” mode is recommended. The FXO port also retains original phone numbers.

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