Use VoIP System for VIP Customer Service

In order to establish a unified external sales and service window and to share telephone line resources, many companies have adopted a telephone switchboard function. However, the traditional switchboard has two shortcomings that make it difficult for customers to find someone:
1. Customers calling the switchboard may be transferred to a different person each time
2. Calls made from the switchboard show the corporate switchboard number, so customers cannot call back to the operator afterwards
VIP Customer Service
As a result, not only is the first call resolution rate low, but customer satisfaction with follow-up contact is even lower.
The built-in intelligent switchboard function of the New Rock IP-PBX binds the extension to the customer's phone number "with memory" and establishes a "personal service" relationship between the customer and the operator, helping the customer to "find" the problem solver in a shorter period of time and increasing customer satisfaction.
Customer value
- Save money and convenience: no need to build an expensive professional call centre, no need to purchase external dedicated equipment, intelligent switchboard is a built-in feature of Timeless IP-PBX.
- Flexible and practical: You can establish or withdraw "customer-operator" binding relationship at any time through function keys or web configuration, and support individual or batch binding/unbinding.
- Good customer experience: when a customer calls for the first time, different welcome messages can be provided to different customers; when a customer calls again, the welcome message can be skipped and the operator can be connected directly.

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