Popular IP-PBX Features Favored by Highly Efficient Officers

Phone calls closely related to officers could be the secret weapon to facilitate successful business engagements. Here are some popular features favored by highly efficient officers.
Call pickup
What if the phone rings while your colleague is away? You simply press *51 on your extension to answer the call.
Call transfer
When the customer makes the wrong call, a call transfer can patch him or her through to the right person. While on the phone, you press **+extension number, and then ask permission from the intended receiver. Hang off the phone when the intended receiver agrees to accept the call, at which point the call is transferred. If you wish for a direct transfer to the intended colleague, press **+*38+ extension number.
Call forking
What if nobody answers the calls while you are away? Your mobile number can be linked to the extension number for call forking. Press *99+4+1+ mobile number+#, or *75+mobile number+# so that both phones will ring simultaneously to prevent missed calls.
Designated VIP customers
When answering a phone call on your extension, you link the caller’s phone number to your extension number by pressing *66. When the same caller makes inbound calls, switchboard greeting will be skipped, and his/her calls will be directly patched through to your extension. This provides the caller with “exclusive VIP services”.

New Rock OM IP-PBX supports 20 to 8,000 users with diverse telephony functions including call forwarding, three-way calling, secretary calls, outbound transfer of outside calls, call barge-in, call monitoring, color ringback tones, hunt group, do not disturb and voice mail, which can be achieved by functional keys. If you cannot remember functional keys, you may access the audio navigation settings by pressing *99.

You may modify the settings on the webpage based on your customary practices (and the canonical planning is advisable).

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