Top Three Advantages of Gateways with Imbedded VPN Clients

New Rock HX4G and MX8G’s embedded VPN clients (OpenVPN and L2TP) start with the software version V1.9.82.343, and enable better premium services for audio users, network administrators and system integrators if connected to a VPN server.

Audio users: More Security, Reliability, Easy-to-use Audio Services
Security: OpenVPN delivers data repackaging and asymmetrical encryption, significantly improving the audio data security, and effectively preventing eavesdropping and blocking.
Reliability: The VPN-based audio network effectively solves audio issues caused by firewalls and NAT, such as one-way communications, call failures and abnormal registration.
Network administrator: More Efficient and Convenient Remote Management
Previously, fixed IP addresses of the clients and complicated operations (including port mapping) were required for remote management. In a VPN, the client and the server, as in an intranet, enables easy access, management and maintenance.
System integrator: Simple and Cost-effective Installation
If the customer has a VPN server, the system integrator may expedite installation via gateways imbedded VPN client without the hassle of purchasing VPN equipment, saving time and manpower in a cost-effective manner.

Here are some FAQs.

Q1: Does the VPN client have to be activated if the gateway is in a well-connected VPN?
No. The gateway, as a terminal, benefits from a well-established VPN-enabled environment..

Q2: Can the VPN client function be used alone?
No. It should be used with a VPN server.

Q3: Will the VPN client function affect gateway performance?
Generally no. Under L2TP mode, HX4G and MX8G are tested to support full concurrencies.
Under OpenVPN mode, the HX4G is tested to support G.711/G.729 full concurrencies (four concurrent calls), and MX8G is tested to support G.711 full concurrencies (eight concurrent calls) and G.729 seven concurrent calls.

Q4: How do I enable L2TP client function on the gateway?
Make sure the gateway is connected to a functioning VPN server before configuration.
-  Log on to the gateway, click “Advanced Settings > Security Configuration > VPN”, and then select the connection mode (L2TP or OpenVPN).
-  Upload the client certificate retrieved from the VPN server.

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